Mendoza Tourist Attractions

Mendoza is a beautiful city popular with outdoor enthusiasts in both summer and winter. Winter brings the skiers who come here experience the nearby skiing in the Andes. In summer time when the temperatures are warmer visitors come here to experience the landscape, hike, climb, or do some rafting.
Mendoza is also known for its olive oil production. The city also has a number of cultural attractions, with museums and annual festivals.

Central Market

The Mercado Central in Mendoza is a general market where locals will come to buy produce, meats, and fish. There are also a number of food stalls and restaurants selling inexpensive meals. The market is also just an interesting place to stroll around and watch locals go about daily life in Mendoza.

General San Martín Park

The Parque General San Martín is a large green park in Mendoza with walking and biking trails, a lake and many other attractions. Beautiful gates mark the entrance to the park. The park features restaurants, camping, a rose garden, and artistic monuments.

Museo Fundacional

The Museo Fundacional is located at the site of the old city which was destroyed in an earthquake in 1861. The museum deals with the history of Mendoza from perhistoric times to modern day.

Museo Histórico General San Martín

The Museo Histórico General San Martín in Mendoza is a tribute to General San Martín who liberated Argentina from Spain. San Martin lived in Mendoza and planned his military strategies from here.

Plaza Independencia

In the center of Mendoza is Plaza Independencia, a pleasant central square with benches, fountains, and large trees providing ample shade. Visitors can by crafts from local vendors. This is also a good place to begin a tour of the city.

Municipal Museum of Modern Art

At Plaza Indepencia is the Museo Municipal de Arte Moderno with exhibits by local and regional artists.

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