Butte Tourist Attractions

100 years ago Butte, south-west of Helena, was known as the "richest hill in the world", for the town lay in the center of an immensely productive silver, copper and gold-mining area. The great days of the gold-diggers of Butte are recalled by the Mineral Museum and the World Museum of Mining, whilst the Towe Ford Museum has more than 100 Ford motor cars.

Copper King Mansion

The Copper King Mansion in Butte was built for William A Clark, a developer of copper mining. The mansion was constructed from 1884-1888 and cost $260,000.00 dollars to complete. Collections on display include dolls, hats, toys, clocks, demitasse cups and steins.
Address: 219 West Granite Street, Butte, MT 59701-9235, United States

Mineral Museum

The Mineral Museum is located on the Montana Tech Campus in Butte. Exhibits feature more than 1,300 mineral specimens, including fluorescent minerals, a 27.5 oz gold nugget and a 400-pound quartz crystal. The Mineral Museum conducts tours, lectures, workshops, and field trips.
Address: 1300 West Park Street Butte, Butte, MT 59701, United States

Arts Chateau

The Arts Chateau in Butte is a copy of a château in France, built by Copper Baron Clark in 1898 as a wedding present for his son. The mansion is home to an art gallery containing works by Montana artists.
Address: 321 West Broadway Street, Butte, MT 59701-9126, United States

Our Lady of the Rockies

Our Lady of the Rockies in Butte is a 90-foot statue of the Virgin Mary, that was built as a tribute to motherhood. Visitors can step inside the statue and a chapel observatory is available.
Address: 3100 Harrison Avenue, Butte, MT 59701, United States

Trolley Tour on Old No. 1

The Old No. 1 is a replica of the cars used for Butte's original electric trolley system. Travelers are given a narrated tour that includes the historic district, Victorian neighborhoods and the Berkeley Pit.

World Museum of Mining & 1899 Mining Camp

The World Museum of Mining & 1899 Mining Camp in Butte is a restored mining camp that features mining relics and three dozen structures located at the base of an inactive silver and zinc mine headframe called "Orphan Girl."
Official site: www.miningmuseum.org
Address: Box 33, Butte, MT 59703-0033, United States

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