Jaco Tourist Attractions

Jacó is a developed beach town with a reputation for being a "party beach". The town is spread along Jacó Beach, which is 3km/1.8mi long and offers many hotels and restaurants. The town center is crowded and gets very busy during weekends.
Jacó Beach is a major destination for surfers, and several outfitters are found in the town center. Horseback riding, cycling and riding mopeds are also popular activities in Jacó, and there are several discos in town.

Surfing at Jacó Beach

Jacó Beach is called the surfing capital of Costa Rica because the waves here are very consistent. The Costa Rican surfing season normally coincides with the rainy season, however Jacó Beach also offers good surfing even in the dry months.


Beautiful Beach

This 10km/6.2mi-long beach offers excellent conditions for experienced surfers.

Esterillos Beach Area

Esterillos Oeste (west), Esterillos Centro (center) and Esterillos Este (east) are three tiny villages found spread along Esterillos Beach on the Pacific coast. There are various surfing areas along the beach. There are a few accommodations in the area.

Herradura Beach

Herradura Beach is a sheltered, palm fringed black sand beach. This quiet beach was originally popular with campers, but more development has taken place. Today, there is a hotel, vacation complex and marina at Herradura, where cruise ships occasionally moor.

Punta Leona

This rocky headland on the Pacific coast offers upscale accommodations and attractive views. Sportfishing tours, river jungle cruises, sunset cruises, scuba diving tours and lessons are offered. Equipment for kayaking, sailing, surfing, snorkelling and windsurfing can be rented on the spot. Boat charters are available as well.

Tarcoles, Costa Rica

The small fishing village of Tárcoles often endures mild flooding during the wet season. There are few accommodation in the area but the surroundings offer natural attractions and opportunities to spot wildlife. The Tárcoles River is found about 2km/1.2mi out of the village, and its mudflats are a prime area to spot shorebirds.

Waterfall (Water Fountain of Life)

This attractive 200m/656ft waterfall is on private land owned by Daniel Bedard. A steep trail that was cut by Bedard descends through virgin rainforest to the waterfall. From the bottom of the waterfall, the river continues through a series of natural swimming holes. Along the trail there are several lookout points and black-and-green poison-arrow frogs can be spotted. There is a camping area at the bottom of the waterfall.
Address: c/o Daniel Bedard, Costa Rica

Crocodile Man Tour

The "Crocodile Man" is Victor Pineda, and he offers guided tours along the Tárcoles River for crocodile-watching and birding. Pineda hand-feeds the crocodiles from a safe distance, which can measure from 2.5m/8ft to 6m/19ft in length.

Crocodile Bridge

This bridge offers the chance to spot several crocodiles basking in the sun on the muddy banks of the Tárcoles River.

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