Rio Caribe Tourist Attractions

Río Caribe is a small town on the Península de Paria. Although it has very few attractions it has a pleasant location with a long stretch of beach and is a good base from which to explore the surrounding area. It is regularly serviced by local buses.

Playa Medina

Playa Medina is touted as being one of Venezuela's best beaches and is one of the highlights of the Península de Paria. This crescent shapes beach is backed by an old coconut plantation. There are some inconspicuous cabanas at the far end of the beach but there is very little else in the immediate area. There are usually locals here selling fried foods and pastries. A small town lies a few kilometers back from the beach and offers some rustic accommodation. There are also other, more upscale options, scattered throughout the area.

Hacienda Aguasana

At the Hacienda Aguasana visitors will find a variety of natural and man made ponds fed by natural hot springs. There are seventeen pools in total with varying temperatures. They are spread over a small field with some of the pools being covered by thatched roof huts which offer protection from the sun. Old wooden ladders allow guests to climb in and out of the sometimes murky looking water.

Hacienda Bukare Cacao Plantation

This beautiful four room, family run hacienda and cacao plantation, offers tours of the plantation and information on cacao production. The owner offers short tours daily on demand. They are also currently working on building a small factory to process the cacao.

Playa Pui Puy

This beach is a little more remote. It is east of Playa Medina, several kilometers down a rough road. This long stretch of beach often has large waves and can be dangerous for swimming. There are a few cabanas here and camping is also an option.

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