Tourist Attractions in Peru

Tourist attractions in Cusco, Peru
Cusco is often described as a highlight of Peru by visitors. The city is built on the foundations of Inca ruins, creating a unique blend of Inca and colonial architecture.
Tourist attractions in Lima, Peru
Lima is a lively city on the Pacific Coast and home to Peru's best museums and galleries. With almost one third of the country's population Lima is the heart of Peru.
Tourist attractions in Arequipa, Peru
The shining architecture made of sillar stone make Arequipa a unique city. The historic city center is a colonial highlight in Peru, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Tourist attractions in Nazca, Peru
Nazca is a small town, located midway between Lima and Arequipa. Visitors come here to see the famous Nazca Lines that form images on the desert floor just outside of town.

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