The industrial city of Windsor is situated on the south (Canadian) side of the Detroit River, linked to the U.S. city of Detroit by bridge and tunnel.

Queen Elizabeth II Gardens - Jackson Park

The Jackson Park Sunken Gardens (Tecumseh Road) and the Dieppe Gardens (Quellette Street) are particularly worth seeing for their roses (500 varieties in all totaling some 11,000 bushes).
The Queen Elizabeth II Gardens are laid out in a formal pattern. There is also a bomber from World War II on site as a memorial for the soldiers from Windsor who never returned from the war.

Canada South Science City

Canada South Science City in Windsor has an expansive open area with hands-on exhibits that highlight sound, electricity, space, a solar car, kinetic art and properties of air. The Human Bubble Area is very popular as well as the Big Lagoon, which allows visitors to encounter life cycles and habitats.
Address: 930 Marion Avenue, Windsor, ON N9A2J2, Canada

Windsor Community Museum

The Windsor Community museum is an historical and ethnological museum which traces Windsor's development since the earliest days of colonization, occupies the oldest house in the city, overlooking the river. The section on North American Indian culture is especially interesting.
Address: François Baby House, 254 Pitt Street West, Windsor, ON N9A5L5, Canada


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