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Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Szentendre

This small town on the hilly right bank of the Danube about 20km (12mi.) north of Budapest is one of the most popular destinations for people from the capital.

Blagovescenska Church

On the Danube side of Fo tér towers the beautiful Serbian Orthodox Blagovescenska church which was built in 1752/54 according to plans by Andreas Mayerhoffer (1690-1771) and is dedicated to the Annunciation.
The façade of the church is formed by lisières which lead along the narrow entrance hall out over the main ledge to the helm roof of the integrated façade tower. Focal point of the simple entrance side is the doorway with a Baroque curved balcony above it. On the fresco above the side entrance is the expansive representation of Emperor Constantine and his mother Helena with the cross of Christ. The iconostasis within the church is the work of the Serbian artist Michael Zéivkovicé.

Fo tér

Fo tér is the main square in Szentendre, although in actual fact it is triangular. The "Merchants' Cross" in the middle was built following a plague.

Church Square

The walled Templom tér on the top of the castle hill was the focal point of the settlement in the Middle Ages. In the 18th C Catholic Croats from Dalmatia settled here around the church. Nowadays it is chiefly tourists who come to enjoy the splendid view over the rooftops. In summer the church square is bustling with market stalls offering a wide choice of souvenirs.
This Catholic church dedicated to John the Baptist on Templom tér is thought to originate from the beginning of the 14th C, with 15th C additions, and to be built on the site of an older small church. The Gothic period resulted in a Romanesque and a Gothic tower window and a sun dial on the southwest buttress. In the 18th C Catholic immigrants from Dalmatia took over the church which had been abandoned and damaged by the Turks, restoring it in 1710 and again in 1780 in Baroque style. Modern frescos can be found inside the church. In the house opposite the church (Templom tér 1) the artistic heritage of the Hungarian painter Béla Czóbel (1883-1976) is on show.

Belgrade Church

The most elegant of the seven Baroque churches in Szentendre is the one north of the castle hill, the Episcopal Church consecrated in 1764 (Görög-keleti székesegyház; known as the "Belgrade" church), recognizable by its red and yellow façade. A wrought-iron gate (1771/72) from the workshop of the local artistic locksmith Márton Ginesser leads into the church garden. As with the Blagovescenska church on Fo tér the nave wall on the entrance side merges with the soaring tower to make it vertically dynamic. The most imposing part is the gilded iconostasis carved from limewood.

Museum of Folk Art

Returning to Fo tér a short walk through Rákóczi utca is recommended. On the right side facing the castle hill the old building of the Museum of Folk Art still provides a reminder of traditional building methods. The cellar (still in use) was at street level, a steep covered stairway leads up to the entrance of the house. The exhibition only consists of two rooms of ethnographical collections and curiosities of folk art, so after a short look the visitor can proceed up to the castle hill, on which lies Templom tér (church square).

PoÏarevacéka Church

The Greek Orthodox church was built by immigrants from the region around PoÏarevac (southeast of Belgrade) on the site of a wooden church from 1690. According to the Orthodox faith the choir had to face east which is why the rear of the church faces the street. The iconostasis was probably brought by the refugees from their homeland. The central part has a double winged entrance known as the Tsars' Gate which is very beautiful.

Opovacka Church

The Opovacka Church now belongs to the Reformed community of Szentendre.

Serbian Church Art Collection

Diagonally opposite the Episcopal Church in the former Bishop's Palace the Serbian Collection of Church Art comprises valuable sacral objects belonging to the Orthodox church. Together with other older works of art brought by the Serbs from their homeland the collection contains liturgical requisites, chasubles, icons, etc. from the 17th-19th C.

Hungarian Open Air Museum

The Hungarian Open Air Museum creates 18th and 19th C settlements with original structures which have been relocated to this one site. These villages are connected by walkways.

Preobraenska Church

The Greek Orthodox church is at the foot of the Szatmár hill, one of the finest Pravoslavic churches in Szentendre, was built by tobacco farmers and tanners in Baroque style. Women were only allowed to enter the rear of the church. Focal point of the interior is the dark green iconostasis with five overlapping rows of pictures and gilded Corinthian columns. Particularly beautiful is the gilded wood carving of the Tsar's Gate in the center and the eight icons which surround it. Further north of the church, at Vîrîs Hadsberg útja 51, is the artists' colony founded in 1928 with several artists still working there. Exhibitions are held in the gallery.

Other Museums

The museum at Hunyadi utca 1 is dedicated to the picturesque work of the Surrealist Lajos Vajda (1908-41). The artist couple Imre (1907-44) and Anna Margit (1913-91) Amos are commemorated in the single-story Baroque house at Bogdányi út 10. Imre Amos was a victim of the holocaust. A small glass pavilion at Ady Endre utca 5 houses sculpture and small models by Jeno Kerényi (1908-75).

Szentendre Island

Opposite the town there is an island in the Danube, 31km (19mi.) long and 2.3km (1 1/2mi.) wide, which stretches as far as the city of Budapest. A bridge at the village of Tahitótfalu, 10km (6mi.) away, connects the island, which consists mainly of arable land, vegetable fields and allotments, to the mainland. Horány and Surány are holiday resorts.


2km (1 mile) north of Szentendre is the resort of Leányfalu with holiday homes, a swimming pool and a campsite by the Danube.
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