Suez Tourist Attractions

The provincial capital of Suez, which was badly damaged and for a time almost completely evacuated during the war with Israel in 1967, is beautifully situated at the south end of the Suez Canal, which here projects into the shallow northern waters of the Gulf of Suez, and of the southern branch of the Ismailia Canal coming from Ismailia.

Port Taufiq

Since the Gulf of Suez ends in a shoal at its northern end which is dry at low tide a channel 2mi/3km long was cut to bring the entrance to the Suez Canal to the edge of deeper water. A stone causeway 50ft/15m wide connects the town with the island of Port Taufiq, created by the accumulation of the great masses of soil dredged out of the sea. On the southwest side of the islands are the port installations of Port Ibrahim.


Springs of Moses

Seven mi/11km southeast of Suez, on the east side of the gulf, are the Springs of Moses (Ain Musa), a group of hot springs (70-84 °F/21-29 °C), some sweet and some bitter, which form a small fertile oasis. One of the springs is said to be the bitter spring of Marah which Moses made sweet by casting a tree into it (Exodus 15: 23 ff.). From this side of the gulf there are fine views of the sea and the heights of the Gebel Ataqa Range to the west.

Adabiya Bay, Egypt

Some 12.5mi/20km southwest of Suez, bounded on the south by the Ras el-Adabiya, is Adabiya Bay, where new port installations are under construction. Half way there is the beach of Cabanon.

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