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Nyanza, located in western Kenya, is the swahili word for Lake. This province got its name from the largest fresh water lake in Africa, Lake Victoria. Fishing is a popular activity around the lake and the two most popular fish caught are tilapia and Nile perch. Nyanza is the home to the Luo tribe, who live along the lake, and the Kisii people, who live in the highlands.
The world-famous Masai Mara National Reserve is located along the Tanzanian border in Nyanza. Lush vegetation and an abundance of wildlife make for plenty sightseeing opportunities. Make a visit to the Kakamega Forest Reserve or hike around on the slopes of Mt Elgon.

Kisumu, Kenya

Kisumu, the third largest town in Kenya and capital of Nyanza province, was founded as the inland railhead of the East African Railway in 1901. Kisumu had been a busy port town in its early days but the break up of the East African Community in 1977 has slowed the pace.
Attractions surrounding Kisumu include Impala Park, a game sanctuary and animal orphanage as well as the home of rare sitatunga antelope. Hippo Point, just south of the town, is prefect for viewing hippos and sunsets on Lake Victoria. Kisumu Bird Sanctuary is an important breeding ground for herons, storks and egrets. April and May are the ideal months to visit the sanctuary.

Kisumu Museum

Kisumu Museum has a variety of interesting animal exhibits, ethnographic exhibits and a display of musical instruments. A display of everyday items including agricultural tools, traps, clothing, furniture, weapons and food utensils are highlighted.
A mud and thatch house for the man of the house and separate houses for each wife presents a traditional Luo homestead. Traditional crafts and customs are exhibited.
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