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Capital of the Land of Schleswig-Holstein
Kiel, capital of the Land of Schleswig-Holstein and a university town, is attractively situated at the south end of the Kieler Förde, an arm of the sea which extends some 17km/10.5mi inland. It is an important shipbuilding town and port (ferry to Scandinavia) with a considerable range of industry.

St Nicholas Church

In the center of Kiel's old town, on the Alter Markt, is the Nikolaikirche (Late Gothic, altered in the 19th C; restored), with a beautiful altar of 1460, a font of 1344 and a pulpit of 1705. In front of the church can be seen a sculpture by Ernst Barlach, "The Intellectual Fighter" (1928).

Kleiner Kiel

To the west of the Markt in Kiel lies the Kleiner Kiel, all that is left of an arm of the firth which once encircled the old town. To the southwest are the Opera House (Oper; 1952-53, extension 1973) and the New Town Hall (Neues Rathaus; 1907-11), with a 106 m/348ft tower (lift; views of town and Förde).


South of the Alter Markt in Kiel, opposite the railroad station (Hauptbahnhof), is the Sophienhof "cultural quarter", inaugurated in 1988. This two-story building houses the Stadtgalerie (Municipal Gallery; periodic special exhibitions), the "Stadtbildnerei" (Municipal Picture Library; loan of contemporary pictures), conference and function rooms, shops, restaurants, etc.
At the Bahnhofsbrücke (Station Bridge) is the landing-stage used by ships plying in the Kieler Förde and the boats doing harbor cruises.

Shipping Museum

Near the Seegartenbrücke landing stage, to the east of the Markt in Kiel, can be found the old Fischhalle (Fish Market; 1909-10), which now houses the Shipping Museum (development of the harbor, shipbuilding and seafaring). In the Museumshafen (Museum Harbor) are a number of historic old ships.
Address: Wall 65, D-24103 Kiel, Germany

Cultural Center

North of the Markt in Kiel is the former refectory (rebuilt in 1950 as a student residence) of a Franciscan friary, founded in 1241, which was the original site of the University. East of the Markt, on the shores of the Firth, we come to the town's Cultural Center, built on the foundations of the Schloss which was destroyed during the Second World War, with the Provincial Library, a concert hall, the Pomeranian Foundation (art gallery) and other amenities. Adjoining is the beautiful Schlossgarten. To the west, in the 17th C Warleberger Hof, is the Municipal Museum (Stadtmuseum; history of the town, satirical graphic art, applied art, photography).

Art Gallery

North of the Kiel Cultural Center, at Düsternbrooker Weg 1, is the Kunsthalle (German painting of the 17th-20th centuries, Rohlfs and Nolde Collection, graphic art, antiquities).
Address: Düsternbrooker Weg 1, D-24105 Kiel, Germany

Museum of Ethnography

The Museum of Ethnography in Kiel displays artifacts from Africa, East Asia and Oceania.
Address: Hegewischstraße 3, D-24105 Kiel, Germany

Zoological Museum

The Zoological Museum in Kiel has specimens of Ice Age animals, fauna of the North Sea and Baltic coasts and skeletons of whales.

Institute of Marine Biology

The Institute of Marine Biology in Kiel, to the north of the Seeburg boating harbor, has an interesting Aquarium (freshwater and sea water), which includes a seals' pool. Opposite it, to the west, is the Old Botanic Garden, with an arboretum.
Address: Düsternbrooker Weg 20, D-24105 Kiel, Germany


A very beautiful part of Kiel is Düsternbrook, enclosed by an undulating strip of woodland. On the shores of the firth stands the Landeshaus, seat of the Landtag and the government of the Land. At the Blücher Bridge is moored the "Gorch Fock", a sailing ship used by the German navy for training. On the Hindenburg-Ufer is the Düsternbrook boating harbor.

Christian Albrecht University

To the west of Kiel lies the extensive campus of the Christian Albrecht University. At Olshausenstrasse 40 is an interesting Mineralogical and Petrographic Museum (minerals, meteorites, fossils).

University Botanic Garden

Northwest of the University's campus in Kiel is the University Botanic Garden, with some 9,000 species of plants from all over the world.

Kiel-Molfsee - Schleswig-Holstein Open-Air Museum

In Kiel's southern district of Molfsee can be found the Schleswig-Holstein Open-Air Museum, with old peasant houses and craftsmen's workshops.
Address: Hamburger Landstrasse 97, D-24113 Molfsee, Germany

Naval Memorial, Laboe, Germany

Opposite the district of Friedrichsdorf (ferry service) in Kiel, on the east shore of the firth, lies the seaside resort of Laboe, with the 72 m/236ft high Naval Memorial (Marine-Ehrenmal; 1927-36). Built in the form of a ship's prow, it now commemorates the naval dead of both world wars. There is a lift to the viewing platform.
In front of the Memorial can be seen a German submarine, U 995 (museum).

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