Holguin Province Attractions

Near the eastern end of Cuba is the province of Holguin, where the main highlights are the inland city of Holguin, the beach area of Guardalavaca, and the history associated with the province. Holguin city, the capital of the province of the same name, is known for its numerous parks and green spaces. Guardalavaca, northeast of Holguin, is a popular beach tourist resort, drawing visitors from around the world.
Historically, it is believed that Columbus first landed near Playa Blanca in Holguin Province, in 1492. On a more recent note Fidel Castro was born in the province, near Biran, where his family home still stands.


This popular tourist destination is renowned for its beautiful beach. The area is built up with resorts, restaurants, shops, and other tourist amenities.

Gibara, Cuba

Gibara, on Bahia de Gibara, is a pleasant seaside city with few attractions other than its picturesque location and 19th Century architecture. Although this area was first discovered by Columbus, who named it Rio de Mares (River of Oceans), the city of Gibara was not founded until the early 1800s. As the only port on the northern coast the town flourished during the 19th Century. Frequent pirate attacks led to the city being fortified with a 2km / 1.2mi wall.
The Gibara is also known as "la villa blanca", the white city, for the white architecture. For a view of the white buildings and red tile roofs trying walking up to El Cuartelon, a former Spanish fort, where there are fine views over the city and bay. Walking through town don't miss a stroll by the Iglesia de San Fulgenica. If it is a rainy day visitors may want to check out the Museo de Historia Natural or the Museo de Historia Municipal and Museo de Artes Decorativas which are found in the same building.

Holguin, Cuba

Mayari, Cuba

The town of Mayari is one of the oldest cities in the province and was founded at the same time as Gibara. There is not much here to draw visitors and consequently most people pass through Mayari without much more than a glance. The town has a pleasant Colonial center but it is small. In the vicinity is the Farallones de Seboruco, a cave that revealed finds from the Tiano people, when it was explored in 1945.
Also nearby is the Jardin de Pinare National Park, with walking trails through the forest covered hills. This natural area also contains Cuba's highest waterfalls, Salto de Guayabo, at 85m / 278ft.
On a historic note, Fidel Castro was born in the town of Biran, southwest of Mayari, where the old family home still exists.

Bahia de Bariay (Cayo de Bariay)

To the east of Gibara is the bay known as Bahia de Bariay, and in the bay is the peninsula called Cayo de Bariay. It is here that most people believe Christopher Columbus first landed in the year 1492. He described the land like it was paradise. To commemorate the 500th anniversary of this historic event a monument was erected. It is called "Monumento Encuentro Dos Cultures" (the meeting of two cultures) and it is dedicated to the Taino Indians and who inhabited this area. There is a beach here, Playa Cayo Bariay and a restaurant as well. Visitors can reach Bahia de Bariay either by road with a private vehicle or by boat from Guardalavaca.

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