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This area south of the Orinoco and including the Orinoco Delta is an incredibly diverse region. The area encompasses the high grasslands, waterfalls, and table top mountains of La Gran Sabana, Canaima National Park, including Angel Falls, the forests of Amazonas, and the waterways of the Orinoco Delta.
Although this area accounts for almost half of the country, it is home to only 5 % of the population. Most of those people here live in the region's two cities, Ciudad Guayana and Ciudad Bolivar. Indians also inhabit this area, most of which live in remote villages in the Orinoco Delta or on the plains of La Gran Sabana.

Canaima National Park


Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela

Ciudad Bolívar (pop. 300,000) is located along the southern bank of the Orinoco River. The river front boulevard, Paseo Orinoco, is a popular place for a stroll, with old buildings lining one side of the street and the river running along the other. There is also a beautifully restored colonial quarter. The area surrounding Plaza Bolívar features a number of boldly painted colonial structures and façades. On the east side of the plaza is the restored Cathedral, dating to the late 1700s to early 1800s.

Parque El Zanjon (Casa de Tejas)

Parque El Zanjon is a unique park with huge boulders which line the hillside. Some small homes have been built between the boulders and the art gallery, Casa de Tejas, sits on top of one of the rocks.

Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela

Ciudad Guayana lies on the south bank of the Orinoco River and encompasses the townships of San Félix and Puerto Ordaz. The two towns are divided by the Río Caroní. San Félix is located on the eastern side of the Río Caroní and Puerto Ordaz on the western side. Three bridges connect the two towns but there are no bridges here which span the Orinoco. There is a ferry which runs regularly across the Orinoco which connects with the highway running north towards Maturin.


Parque Cachamay, Parque Loefling, and Parque La Llovizna are the main attractions in Ciudad Guayana. Parque Cachamay offers excellent views of the Río Caroní and a series of rapids and waterfalls. Cachamay connects to Parque Loefling, home to a variety of caged and free roaming native animals.
La Llovizna is on a group of islands in the Río Caroní which is connected by foot bridges. Salto La Llovizna, a 20 m waterfall, is the main attraction.

Santa Elena de Uairen, Venezuela

Santa Elena is not an attraction in itself but it is one of the few stopping places for visitors to La Gran Sabana. Located at the end of highway 10, which runs through La Gran Sabana, it is the last town before the Brazilian border. It is possible to arrange tours of La Gran Sabana and flights to Angel Falls from Santa Elena.

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