Flensburg Tourist Attractions

Flensburg, Germany's most northerly port and the most important town in Schleswig, is attractively situated between wooded ranges of hills at the head of the fjord-like Flensburger Förde, the northern shore of which is in Denmark.
The string of resorts along the Baltic coast begins with Glücksburg on the Flensburger Förde, which also has a picturesque moated castle.

Flenburger Südermarkt

The main shopping street in Flensburg's old town runs from south to north under the names of the Holm, Grosse Strasse and Norderstrasse, in which there are a number of well restored patrician and merchants' houses (18th and 19th C.). At the south end is the beautiful Südermarkt, surrounded by gabled houses, with the large Stadtkirche (Town Church) of St Nicholas (14th and 16th C.; Roccoco high altar, Renaissance organ).

Natural and Local Museum

To the east of St Nicholas's Church in Flensburg, on the Süderhofenden, is the Natural History Museum (native flora and fauna, geological history). The same building houses the Municipal Library.

St John's Church

East of the Heimatmuseum, near Angelburger Strasse, is St John's Church, the oldest in Flenburg (12th C.; wall paintings, etc.).


In the Flensburg Nordermarkt, the old marketplace, are the Neptune Fountain (1758) and the Schrangen (1595), in which the bakers and butchers once sold their wares.

Church of the Holy Ghost

Southwest of the Nordermarkt in Flensburg can be found the little Gothic church of the Holy Ghost (1386; from 1588 a Danish church).

Municipal Museum

In Lutherplatz is the Flensburg Municipal Museum (culture, art, folk art; Emil Nolde Collection; changing exhibitions).

St Mary Church

To the north of the Nordermarkt in Flensburg is the little brick-built church of St Mary (13th and 15th C.; Renaissance altar).


To the east of St Mary's, on Flensburg's harbor, is the Kompagnietor (1583).

Alt-Flensburger Haus

The Alt-Flensburger Haus (1780) is the family home of the airship pioneer Hugo Eckener (1868-1954).

Shipping Museum

On the Schiffsbrücke in Flensburg is the interesting Shipping Museum (pictures and models of ships, nautical apparatus and equipment); museum harbor (Museumshafen).
Address: Schiffbrücke 39, D-24939 Flensburg, Germany


At the north end of Flensburg's old town rises the massive Nordertor (1595).


Glucksburg CastleGlucksburg Castle

Schloss, Glucksburg, Germany

Glücksburg, 9km/6mi northeast of Flensburg, has a Schloss built in 1582-87, with a museum displaying pictures, tapestries and leather wall coverings.
The Schloss is one of the main Renaissance buildings in Schleswig-Holstein. It consists of a block of three adjacent gabled houses and four substantial octagonal corner towers. The furnishings are typical of royal lifestyle and ostentation.

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