East Iceland Attractions

Eastern Iceland is older and more geologically stable than the rest of the country.
This lightly populated region is the location of Iceland's longest lakes and largest forests and a wealth of rugged peaks and waterfalls.
A main attraction is the sunshine and travelers experience cool but clear summer weather. Travel in Eastern Iceland is quiet and unstructured.

Seydisfjordur, Iceland

Seyðisfjörður is a terminal for ferries from the European mainland. It is pleasant town architecturally because nowhere in Iceland has a community of old wooden buildings been preserved so well as the 19th C Norwegian buildings that make up the old town center.
Seyðisfjörður is surrounded on three sides by mountains and a fronted by the 17km/10.5mi long fjord of the same name. In the valley above the town, the river Fjarðará cascades down in innumerable beautiful waterfalls to the Lón (the lagoon) at the head of the fjord.
The oldest telephone and telegraph station in Iceland is here dating back to 1906, when the first ocean cable was laid from Scotland.

Vestdalur Walk

Vestdalur is a grassy valley 1km/.62mi north of Seyðisfjörður, famed for its numerous waterfalls, colorful plants and bird life. Golden plover, whimbrel and the snipe are frequently seen.
It is possible to follow the Vestdalá river to the first set of waterfalls or continue on past spectacular scenery to Vestdalsvatn, a lake approximately three hours walk up the valley.

East Iceland Museum of Technology

In the premises of the Vélsmiðja Seyðisfjarðar (Seyðisfjörður Machine Shop) c 1894, is the Technological Museum, one of the first of its kind in Iceland, displaying articles and items relating to technology in general and technological progress.
Address: Hafnargata 44, Seydisfjörður, Austurland IS-710, Iceland

Skaftfell Cultural Center

Skaftfell Cultural Center is a renovated Norwegian-style house from the turn of the 20th C.
It hosts art exhibits, concerts, and writers' evenings.
It has one of the town's nicest cafes and accommodation for traveling artists.
Address: Austurvegur 42, Seyðisfjörður, Austurland 1S-710, Iceland


Mjóifjörður is an 18 km/11mi long, 2 km/1.2mi wide isolated fjord. It is accessible by road during summer but at times the postal boat is the only contact.
There are hiking trails from Mjóifjörður to both of the neighboring fjords. Interesting abandoned turf farmsteads, a 19th C wooden church and a hotel and restaurant are located at Brekkuthorp, a hamlet of 35 residents.
Remains of a prosperous whaling station from the late 19th C can be seen on the south shore and the remnants of Iceland's oldest lighthouse c 1895 at Dalatangi can be seen near the modern one shining today.

Djupivogur, Iceland

Hofn, Iceland

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