City Center, Johannesburg

A concentration of museums, galleries and theaters is found in Johannesburg's city center.

Market Theatre

The Market Theatre complex housed in a converted market building, plays a major part in Johannesburg's cultural life. It has four live theater venues on which some of the finest productions in South Africa are presented. The musical "Sarafina", which later became a Broadway success, had its first performance here.
The complex also includes a bookshop, an art and photographic gallery and restaurants.
Kippie's is a popular rendezvous, with music by well-known jazz groups in the evenings.
In the huge parking lot opposite the Market Theatre complex a large flea market is held every Saturday.
Address: 56 Margaret Mcingana Street, Johannesburg, Gauteng 2001, South Africa

Museum Africa

Adjoining the Market Theatre complex is Museum Africa, installed in August 1994. It has an excellent ethnological department, with reproductions of the huts, tools, domestic equipment, arts and crafts, dress and toys of the various South African peoples and tribes. The collection of rock art gives a good impression of the intensity and artistic quality of Bushman drawings and paintings.
Younger visitors will enjoy the nearby Children's Museum, with a dinosaur exhibition and art collections presented in a way that children can appreciate.
Address: 121 Bree Street, Newtown, Johannesburg, Gauteng 2113, South Africa

Carlton Center Panorama

A good starting-point for a tour of the city is the Carlton Centre in Commissioner Street, one of Johannesburg's tallest buildings. On the lower floors are a shopping center and parking decks; the rest of the building is occupied by offices. From the 50th floor, at a height of 202m/663ft, there are fantastic views of Johannesburg and the surrounding area. Adjoining the Carlton Centre is the luxury Carlton Hotel.

Rissick Street

In Rissik Street, at the intersection with Market Street, are two of Johannesburg's few (relatively) old buildings. The Rissik Street Post Office is a brick building of 1897, with an additional story and tower added in 1902. The Neo-Renaissance City Hall (1910-15) now houses only a few municipal offices (most of the city's administration is now in the Civic Centre).

Jewish Museum

The Jewish Museum, with sacred objects and documents, illustrates the history of Jews in South Africa from 1920 to the present day.
Address: 29 Kruis Street, South Africa

Johannesburg Railway Station - South African Transport Museum

On the north edge of the city center is the Johannesburg Railway Station, the largest in Africa, handling half a million passengers every day.
In the older part of the station is the South African Transport Museum with a wide range of exhibits, including old steam engines and model railroad layouts.

Joubert Park

Joubert Park, the oldest park in Johannesburg, was originally laid out in 1887.
It is no longer the safe, beautiful park it once was.

Johannesburg Art Gallery

In Joubert Park is the Johannesburg Art Gallery with a collection of works by South African and European artists.
One room contains over 2,000 prints of the 15th to 20th C.
Works of sculpture are displayed in the courtyard of the gallery and in Joubert Park.
Address: Klein Street, South Africa

Johannesburg Stock Exchange

The Johannesburg Stock Exchange occupies a high-rise building of notable quality in Diagonal Street (the only street in the city center to cut across the regular grid), which branches off Market Street. There are conducted tours which include an audio-visual show on the South African economy.
Address: One Exchange Square, Gwen Lane, Sandown, Gauteng 2196, South Africa

Diamond Building

A striking building in Diagonal Street is the Diamond Building, with a façade reminiscent of the facets of a diamond. It was designed by the well-known German-born architect Helmut Jahn (b. 1940), who now lives in Chicago.

Kwazuli Muti Shop - Museum of Man and Science

The Kwazuli Muti Shop sells herbal medicines and salves used by Zulu medicine-men. Some of the medicines are very curious indeed, made from bones, animal skins and a variety of unidentifiable items.

Chris Lessing Boxing Museum

The Chris Lessing Boxing Museum contains cups, trophies, boxing gloves, photographs and other mementos of the "greats" of the boxing ring.

Johannesburg Public Library

The Johannesburg Public Library, built in 1935, has a valuable collection of old books in addition to its lending department.
Address: Library Gardens, Corner Fraser & Market Streets, Johannesburg, Gauteng 2001, South Africa

Africana and Geological Museum

The Africana Museum illustrates the history of Johannesburg and the occupation of South Africa by Europeans. The geological section on the first floor has a unique collection of minerals and a quantity of prehistoric material.

St Mary's Anglican Cathedral

St Mary's Anglican Cathedral is an imposing building designed by Sir Herbert Baker (1926).

National Bank Museum

Barclays Bank has a small museum on the history of banking.

Supreme Law Courts

Sittings of the Supreme Court are open to the public.

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