Hafnarfjordur Tourist Attractions

This picturesque and interesting suburb of Reykjavík is known as the Town in the Lava, due to its location on top of the Burfell lava formation, which dates back to a 7,000 year old eruption.
In the arc of a natural harbor, Hafnarfjörður, Iceland's third-largest town with 20,000 people, has been a trading port longer than any other place in Iceland.
Iceland's only Viking restaurant, Fjörukráin, is located on the waterfront.

Icelandic Maritime Museum

Housed in a former fish freezing plant, the Maritime Museum features nautical artifacts outlining the area's history as an important fishing and trading village which include fishing boats, radio and navigation equipment, diving suits and model ships. The Coast Guard Vessel Óðinn is docked at a specially built pier alongside the museum.
Address: Grandargarður 8, Reykjavík, Hofudborgarsvaedi 101, Iceland

Hafnarfjörður Folk Museum

The museum outlines the history of Hafnarfjörður village, an exhibit of children's toys, and an exhibit of photographs. The Hafnarfjordur folk museum is housed in a renovated 19th-century warehouse building.
Address: Vesturgata 8, Hafnarfjörður, Hofudborgarsvaedi IS-220, Iceland

Post and Telecommunications History Museum

A collection of artifacts conveys the story of Icelandic communications from early settlement days through the development of the country's postal and telephone systems.
Address: Austurgata 11, Hafnarfjörður, Hofudborgarsvaedi IS-220, Iceland

Hafnarfjordur Centre of Culture and Fine Art

Hafnarborg is an arts center exhibiting contemporary art both Icelandic and international as well as hosting concerts and arts lectures.


In the center of Hafnarfjörður is a small, pleasant park set on a former lava floe.

Viking Village

A Viking theme-park including Viking feasts and festivals, a culture house and interactive meal events hosted by costumed servers and performers.
Address: Strandgata 55, Hafnarfjörður, Hofudborgarsvaedi IS-220, Iceland

West Nordic Culture House

Housed in a renovated forge, the West Nordic Culture House serves to enhance the cultural co-operation between the West Nordic countries: the Faeroe Islands, Greenland and Iceland. The Culture House sells handicrafts in stalls introducing each country and its people. The guest-rooms are decorated in West Nordic and Viking styles.
Address: Strandgata 55, Hafnarfjörður, Hofudborgarsvaedi IS-220, Iceland

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