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Martonvasar Tourist Attractions

This little township, Martonvásár, lies 32km (20mi.) west of Budapest in the lowlands between the Buda Mountains and the range of hills near Velence.
Martonvásár became well-known through Europe as the home of the musical Brunswick family. Ludwig van Beethoven was a regular visitor to the Brunswick mansion. The manion now houses a museum dedicated to him.

Brunswick Palace

In well-tended parkland reminiscent of English landscaped gardens stands the palace which was built in 1775 for the Brunswick family and is now the home of an agricultural research institute. In 1875 it was renovated in English Neo-Gothic style. Countess Theresa Brunswick (1775-1861), who is buried in the crypt of the palace church, was an advocate of the teachings of Pestalozzi and in 1821 she founded the first Hungarian kindergarten school. However, Martonvásár became famous mainly through Ludwig van Beethoven, a friend of Count Franz Brunswick who often stayed at the palace. Josephine Brunswick, sister of Countess Theresa, was probably the "immortal beloved" to whom the composer wrote those enigmatic love-letters which he never posted. As the letters contained neither name nor date, historians can only speculate on the identity of the lady to whom they were addressed. It is thought that during one of his many visits to the palace Beethoven composed parts of the famous "Appassionata" piano sonata, which was dedicated to his host's family, and probably also the "Moonlight Sonata".
There is a small Beethoven Museum in the palace, and in summer concerts of his music are performed in the park.

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