Lamia Tourist Attractions

LamiaLamia Agnee
Lamía, chief town of the nomos of Phthiotis, which was believed in ancient times to be the home of Achilles, lies at the foot of Mt Óthrys.

Lamia Castle - Archeological Museum

The castle at Lamia also houses the local archeological museum.
The museum has an interesting collection of classical and Hellenistic finds including: pottery, sculpture, statues, and geometric figurines.


Ypati Spa

The Ypati Spa in Phthiotis is recommended for circulatory disorders, hypertension, coronary insufficiency, endocarditis, heart conditions, tachycardia, skin diseases, general nervous system. The method of treatment is bathing.

Ipati, Greece

Ipáti is one of the most historical towns in Central Greece. Set amongst beautiful trees, the town offers splendid views over the sea.

Agathonos Monastery

Near Ipáti is the Agathonos Monastery which dates to the 15th Century. Located at the monastery is the Oiti Natural HIstory Museum.

Platystomo Spa

The Platystomo Spa is recommended for gravel, diabetes, stones in kidney, liver disorders. The method of treatment is bathing and drinking.

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