Chatham Island

San Cristóbal is the eastern-most island in the archipelago and maintains the second largest population. The island is home to the oldest surviving settlement in the Galápagos, El Progresso settled in 1869. Today the most important town on the island is Puerto Baquerizo Moreno (pop. 4,000), the capital of the Galápagos. It is also one of two points of departure for tour boats in the Galápagos, although it is less visited than Isla Santa Cruz.
The island is actually two coalesced volcanoes. El Junco Lagoon, in the higher elevations of San Cristóbal is one of the few freshwater lakes in the Galápagos.
The island is home to the Chatham mockingbird, which is only found on San Cristóbal.

Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, Isla San Cristobal, Ecuador

Puerto Baquerizo Moreno is the provincial capital of the Galápagos and the second largest settlement in the islands. Historically the village was a penal colony established in the late 19th C. Of interest in the town are a Museum of Natural History and an Interpretation Center. The beaches near the town are one of the few places which allow camping.

El Junco Lagoon

El Junco Lagoon, one of the few freshwater lakes in the Galápagos, is located at 700 m (2240 ft) above sea level. The surrounding area is an example of the Miconia vegetation zone with endemic tree ferns. White-cheeked pintails and common gallinules can usually be seen here.

Punta Pitt

In the northeast of the island is Punta Pitt, a unique volcanic formation. The area is a nesting site for all three species of the Galápagos booby and home to an endemic species of the lava lizard.
Cerro Brujo and Turtle Bay, where flamingos and turtles can be seen, are often visited during trips to Punta Pitt.

Sleeping Lion (Kicker Rock)

León Dormido, also known as Kicker Rock, is located about two hours by boat off the northwest coast of San Cristóbal. This interesting rock formation is volcanic in origin but has been eroded into unique shapes. The steep walls of these two rocks don't allow for landing.

Frigatebird Hill

A trail heading southeast of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno leads to Frigatebird Hill. From the top is a view of the bay and town. Frigatebirds which used to nest here are a less common site now due to the human influence which is driving them away.

Puerto Grande

On the northwestern coast of San Cristóbal is the cove of Puerto Grande. There is a beach for swimming. Seabirds frequent the area but it is not known for any particular colonies.

Isla Lobos

Isla Lobos is located about an hour's boat ride northeast of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno. The island is known for sea lions and the blue-footed booby colony.

Los Galápagos

In the north of San Cristóbal is Los Galápagos where Galápagos tortoise can often be seen. This area is in the highlands and will require some up hill hiking.

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