El-Minya Tourist Attractions

El-Minya (west bank of the Nile, chief town of a governorate (pop. 150,000) and a considerable commercial town, situated between the Nile and the Ibrahimiya Canal, with a museum.
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Maghagha, Egypt

Maghagha (west bank of the Nile), a district capital, with a sugar factory. On the east bank of the Nile, in which there are many islands at this point, is the village of Oarara, the ancient Phylace Hipponos, near which are Coptic cemeteries (eighth C.). Some 1.5mi/2.5km north of this, at the village of Awladel-Sheikh, is a cemetery of the Early Historical period (c. 3000 B.C.). 12-15miles/20-24km east of the Nile, near the wide Wadi el-Sheikh, are prehistoric flint factories discovered by H. W. Seton-Karr in 1896.

Deirut, Egypt

Deirut or Deirut el-Mahatta (west bank of the Nile), a district capital situated at the point where the Bahr Yusuf branches off the lbrahimiya Canal (dam with sluice-gates). 2mi/3km north is Deirutel-Sherif, to the west of which, on the edge of the desert, is the village of Bawit, with the ruins of the Coptic Monastery of Apa Apollo.

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