Varde Tourist Attractions

20 km/12 mi north of Esbjerg lies the busy little township of Varde, with some interesting old houses and the 12th-13th century St Jacob's Church on Torvet. The Town Hall is embellished by two sculptures - "Laksedrengen" (Boy with Salmon) and "Brøndpigen" (Maiden of the Fountain), by Anker Hoffmann. On display in Varde Provincial Museum are silver, furniture, Jutland stoneware and paintings, especially works by the Danish artist Christian Lyngbo. A model of old Varde, scale 1:10, can be seen northwest of the town center in the Arnberg complex.


Varde Sommerland, a large leisure park for young and old, numbers mini-golf, a climbing-tower, water slides and a suspension railroad among its attractions.
Address: Gellerupvej 49, DK-6800 Varde, Denmark

Oksbøl - Amber museum

This museum deals with the creation and exploitation of amber. There are natural history exhibits on how amber is formed and how insects and plant pieces get fixed in it.
Address: Vestergade 25, DK-6840 Oksbøl, Denmark

Varde Museum

The Varde museum focuses on the cultural history of the town with exhibits on decorative arts and a gallery of works from the Danish golden age. As well, there are paintings by the modern surrealist, Otto Frello.
Address: Lundvej 4, DK-6800 Varde, Denmark

Arnbjerg Miniworld Park

Varde as it was in 1860 is reconstructed at a scale of 1:10. The park prides itself for precision and traditional craftsmanship.


This museum charts the history of artillery from the middle ages to the present day. Uniforms, handguns and other pieces of military equipment are also on display.
Address: Vestervold 11, DK-6800 Varde, Denmark

Blåvand - Tirpitz stillingen Blåvand

This restored German military installation houses an exhibit on the "Atlantic Rampart"-a German defense project. There are visual displays and a video presentation.
Address: Tane Hedevej, DK-6857 Blåvand, Denmark

Blåvandshuk Egnsmuseum

The museum features exhibits on the prehistory of the area and on more recent local history, especially the period of occupation from 1940-1945.
Address: Kirkegade 1, DK-6840 Oksbøl, Denmark

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