Liberia Tourist Attractions

The capital of the Guanacaste province, Liberia is Costa Rica's most northerly town of any importance. With a population of 40,000, the city lies 140m/459ft above sea level and is surrounded by cattle ranches. Liberia is both the historic and present center of Guanacaste's beef industry.
Many buildings along the wide, clean streets of the city are painted white, earning Liberia the moniker of the "White City". Due to the hot, dry climate of the area, most houses are built from adobe and have orange-tiled roofs that help keep the houses cool. Liberia is a unique city in Costa Rica and retains a colonial atmosphere.

Guanacaste Day

Guanacaste Day, July 25, is celebrated in Liberia with a traditional "tope" (horse parade), cattle auction, musical performances and a rural fair. The celebration also features a bullfight, and visitors should note that the bull is never killed in Costa Rica.

Liberia Art Center

This is a large complex of art galleries and craft merchants. Area crafts are featured, such as pottery from the Guaitil area, and local paintings and woodwork. Visitors can often watch crafts being made.

Liberia International Airport

Liberia International Airport acts as Costa Rica's second airport when San José's is too busy. When flights do arrive at this airport, visitors have easier access to the country's best beach resorts.

Agonía Church

This church is the oldest in all of Liberia, completed in 1825. It also has a small museum of religious artwork.

Central Park & Church of Mary's Immaculate Conception

Liberia's modern church is found within this pleasant park.

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