All Other Destinations and Attractions in Chile

Talcahuano, Chile

Talcahuano, known for being one of the countries best harbors, is Chile's main naval station. The city is also an important fishing port.


Located on the naval base is the Huáscar, a relic from the War of the Pacific.

Coquimbo, Chile

Just south of La Serena in Norte Chico is the busy port city of Coquimbo. Although there are few attractions, the city does have a scenic harbor and some popular beaches.

Museo de Sito

The museum houses artifacts from a pre-Columbian graveyard discovered during an expansion project of Plaza de Armas. The site dates from 900 to 1100 AD.

Puerto Montt, Chile

Puerto Montt, (pop. 87,000) was settled by Germans in the mid 1800s. As the last major city before Chiloé and Chilean Patagonia, Puerto Montt is considered the gateway city to these areas.

Casa del Arte Diego Rivera

The Casa del Arte Diego Rivera is an art gallery and cultural center which displays works by national and international artists. It also provides a space for theater and dance.

Museo Juan Pablo II

This museum along the waterfront features displays on natural history, archaeology, German colonization, the history of Chiloé, and the maritime history of the region.


Angelmó is the local market which sells crafts and handmade clothing. There are also a number of small restaurants specializing in seafood.

Cape Horn

The windswept Cape Horn is the southernmost point of the South American continent. The area supports a variety of birds including kelp geese, steamer ducks, and black-bowed albatross.

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