Sunset County is on the north western end of Ontario and borders Manitoba. This is an area of small towns, including Fort Frances, Kenora, Dryden, and thousands of lakes. This area is popular with tourists who come here to do fly in fishing trips, canoeing, or to enjoy the natural beauty of the area.

Lake of the Woods

Fort Frances, Canada

Fort Frances, on the shores of Rainy Lake, is small town south of Kenora, located along the Canada / USA border. A Bass Fishing Tournament held annually at the end of July brings in fisherman from across the continent. Another annual celebration, the Fun in the Sun Festival, takes place during the week leading up to July first. Other attractions include an historical fort with lookout tower, and a historical museum housed in what was once a public school house, built in 1898.

Abitibi-Consolidated Inc. Pulp and Paper Mill Tours

Guided tours of the Abitibi-Consolidated Inc. Pulp and Paper Mill in Fort Francesl include a demonstration of each step in the paper making process. The tours are only offered during the summer months.
Address: 427 Mowat Avenue, Fort Frances, ON P9A1Y8, Canada

Fort Frances Museum and Cultural Centre

The Fort Frances Museum and Cultural Centre is housed in a school house built in 1898, one of the town's oldest buildings. Exhibits include photographs and artifacts highlighting area history from early native life to industrial development.

Atikokan, Canada

The name Atikokan is Ojibway and means caribou bones. Two iron mines were operated out of this small town at one time but the economy now thrives on the forest industry and tourism.
Atikokan is located just off the main highway that runs between Thunder Bay and Fort Frances.

Quetico Provincial Park

Some distance further west (about 160km / 100mi from Thunder Bay) lies Quetico Provincial Park. This extends over more than 4500 / 1740 sq.mi and is for the most part accessible only on foot, on horseback or by canoe. Belonging geologically to the Canadian Shield the landscape shows all the familiar signs of glaciation with a multitude of lakes and hummocks sculpted by ice from the crystalline Pre-Cambrian bedrock. There are still some black bears around, as well as numerous animals such as otters and beavers (also some ospreys) which thrive in the water-filled environment. Although a stranger might imagine him- or herself transported to a truly primeval northern forest, in fact there are traces of lengthy human occupation. Among them are simple rock drawings of a hunting people and their animal quarry.
There is a visitor center off the TransCanada highway as it runs through the park.
Address: Ministry of Natural Resources, Atikokan, ON P0T1C0, Canada

Browns' Clearwater West Lodge

Browns' Clearwater West Lodge offers visitors private accommodations for weekends, getaways and corporate meetings. Packages include cottages, boat-in, portage-in and fly-in outposts as well as campgrounds. Fishing, hunting, boating, canoeing, ice fishing, snowmobiling and eco-tours are also available.
Address: Box 1766, Atikokan, ON P0T1C0, Canada

Atikokan Centennial Museum and Historical Park

The Atikokan Centennial Museum is home to exhibits displaying the history of the area. Tools for mining and lumbering are featured.
In the Historical Park there is a log cabin and logging train which have been restored.
Address: 204 East Main Street, Box 849, Atikokan, ON P0T1C0, Canada

Dryden, Canada

The small town of Dryden, located east of Kenora, is popular with fisherman and hunters. The main industry for the town is a pulp and paper mill.

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