Medicine Hat, on the South Saskatchewan River, is Alberta's fifth largest city. It gets its name from an Indian legend. During a battle between the Cree and the Blackfoot the Cree medicine man's headdress was blown off into the river.

Medicine Hat Exhibition & Stampede

Medicine Hat's annual Rodeo and Stampede takes place the last week of July.
The Medicine Hat Exhibition and Stampede has been going on for over a century in this town. In Alberta, it is second only to the famous Calgary Stampede. In addition to the rodeo competitions and the animal exhibitions, there is also a midway, Pioneer Village, and all types of entertainment, mostly free of charge.
If you are passing through Medicine Hat during the Exhibition and Stampede it is definitely worth seeing.
Address: 2055 21 Avenue SE, Box 1298, Medicine Hat, AB T1A7N1, Canada

Esplanade Arts & Heritage Centre (formerly Medicine Hat Museum and Art Gallery)

The Esplanade Arts & Heritage Centre, formerly known as the Medicine Hat Museum and Art Gallery, tells the story of the Canadian West - the Plains Indians, pioneering days, etc. and also serves as the National Exhibition Center.
The centre The Art Gallery displays contemporary and historical art representing local, national, and international artists. The Discovery Centre offers a wide range of activities and displays targeted largely towards youth. The Esplanade Arts and Heritage Centre also has a 700 person theatre for music, theatre and other stage performances.
There is always something new going on here.

Saamis Teepee

Visitors driving along highway by Medicine Hat will do a double take as they cruise along. Situated a short distance off the highway is the world's largest teepee, the Saamis teepee.
Designed by Steve Illes and originally constructed for the 1988 Winter Olympics, the Saamis Teepee was moved to Medicine Hat after the games. The word Saamis is Blackfoot Indian for the eagle tail headdress, a hat worn by the medicine man of the tribe.
The Saamis teepee is 65 meter / 215 feet high and has a diameter of 48.8 m/ 160 feet at the base. It weighs an astounding 200 tonnes / 440, 800 lbs. The Saamis teepee was mounted at this location in 1991.

Medicine Hat Clay Industries National Historic Site

Medicine Hat Clay Industries National Historic Site preserves the industrial history of this area. Brick, tile and pottery were a prominent industry in the late 19th C and early 20th C in Medicine Hat. A large number of historic buildings related to the clay industry have been and are in the process of being restored, along with machinery and products.
It is possible to take a tour of the Medicine Hat Clay Industries National Historic Site and visit the Clay Products Interpretive Center.
Address: 713 Medalta Avenue SE, Medicine Hat, AB T1A3K9, Canada

Riverside Waterslide & Amusement Park (Closed)

The Riverside Waterslide & Amusement Park in Medicine Hat, with a variety of waterchutes, offers a chance to cool off in summer.
This outdoor water park is incredibly popular with children in Medicine Hat. Various waterslides along with a whirlpool, river ride, go carts, and mini put are all on offer.

Medicine Hat City Hall

The city hall in Medicine Hat.
Medicine Hat's award-winning City Hall, supremely modern in its architecture and completed in 1986, is the pride of this mid-Western city.
The City Hall building sits on the bank of the South Saskatchewan River. A plaza in front of the City Hall leads to the large interior atrium. Much of the bulding, including the atrium is comprised of windows and glass.
Address: 580 - 1st Street SE, Medicine Hat, AB T1A8E6, Canada

Medicine Hat Mall

The Medicine Hat Mall (Dunmore Road South East) includes over 60 different stores and boutiques.
Address: 3292 Dunmore Road SE, Medicine Hat, AB T1B2R4, Canada

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