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Hudson's Hope Tourist Attractions

Hudson's Hope (520 m / 1707 ft) is one of the oldest settlements in British Columbia. A small trapper post was established here on Peace River as long ago as 1805.

W.A.C. Bennett Dam

The W.A.C. Bennett Dam, one of the world's biggest earth-filled dams, is 24 km (15 mi.) west of Hudson's Hope and reached via a scenic side-road. The W.A.C. Bennett Dam, which is 2 km (11/4 mi.) long, 183 m (601 ft) high, and up to 830 m (2724 ft) thick at its base, was completed in 1967 and holds back the 362 km (225 mi.)-long Williston Lake in the Rocky Mountain Trench. Until recently, the artificial lake had hardly been opened up for tourism, but more and more water-sports enthusiasts are now making their way here. Anglers can charter boats as well. The W.A.C. Bennett Dam Visitor Center gives information about hydro-electric power generation and the construction of the enormous dam, and on working days there are guided tours of the power station. Open Victoria Day-Labor Day. From May to September there is a good view of it from a lookout point on the west side of the dam.
From Hudson's Hope the highway follows the Peace River north wards, mostly high above the steep banks, and after 76 km (47 mi.) reaches the Alaska Highway 13 km (8 mi.) north of Fort St John.

Peace Canyon Dam

About 5 km (3 mi.) south of Hudson's Hope, Peace Canyon Dam, 50 m (164 ft) high, and 533 m (1749 ft) long, dams up Peace River for a second time, where it leaves the canyon, 23 km (14 mi.) below Bennett Dam. In the Peace Canyon Dam Visitor Center next to the power station, more exhibitions tell of the natural history of the region and the history of its settlement. These include life-size models of dinosaurs, a reconstructed stern-wheel steamer, that used to ply on the Peace River, and a model of a dam and power station. The power station can be visited by arrangement.
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