Punta Gorda Tourist Attractions

Known locally as "PG", Punta Gorda is the southernmost town of size in Belize. Much of Punta Gorda lies only 20ft/6m above sea level on a limestone escarpment, with the coastline on both sides of the town sloping down to pebbly, dark sand beaches.

Open-Air Market

Punta Gorda's colorful open-air market offers fresh produce and other merchandise. Trades-people from the surrounding villages come to Punta Gorda's market to buy and sell, and several barbeque vendors can be found on Saturdays.

Punta Gorda's Oldest House

Constructed from cypress, this house is an English home that was brought to Belize as ballast on a sugarcane trading ship. Erected in 1895, this structure is Punta Gorda's oldest house.

Fajina Craft Center

The Fajina Craft Center offers locally made Mayan crafts, such as slate carvings, embroidered wall hangings, shirts and dresses as well as "jippy jappa" baskets.

Punta Gorda Surroundings

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