Belmopan Tourist Attractions

The nation's capital since 1971, Belmopan is located in the geographical center of Belize nestled in the western hills. The capital was moved to Belmopan after Belize City was reduced to rubble after Hurricane Hattie in 1961. Still a young town, Belmopan's population is of diverse ethnic origin including Mestizos, Garifuna, Creoles and Mayans.
Most citizens are city servants and civil workers, and several other government workers commute daily from surrounding areas. Belmopan has a small-town atmosphere characterized by modest homes with manicured yards. The city is a common transportation hub and is often called the "springboard to adventure". The somewhat sleepy town offers a few attractions, including government buildings and historical records attracting students and researchers.

National Assembly & Department of Archaeology

The National Assembly buildings were designed to resemble a Mayan temple and plaza. Inside is the Department of Archaeology, a government office maintaining the Belmopan Vault which safeguards several archaeological artifacts uncovered throughout Belize. Closed to the public, the contents of the vault are being stored until the inauguration of national museum. The office offers a small display of artifacts and information on Belize's archaeological sites.
Address: Independence Plaza, Belize

Belize Archives Department (National Archives)

Since its inception in 1965, the Belize Archives Department has collected a large amount of data from a variety of government and private sources. The archives offer a collection of books, magazines, newspapers, manuscripts, private and government records for research purposes.
Address: 26/28 Unity Boulevard, Belize

Market Square

Several market stalls offer cheap meals around Market Square in Belmopan. This is also an area where you will find a variety of stores, banks and other city services.

National Agriculture & Trade Show

Taking place annually in May, the Agriculture & Trade Show in Belmopan features agricultural products, farming equipment, floral botanical displays and a rodeo. This is a three day event which also includes entertainment.

Valentine Cycle Race

The Valentine's Cycle Race (February 14) begins in Belmopan and ends in Belize City with other events schedule in coordination with the race.

Belmopan Surroundings - Banana Bank Lodge

Situated on a bluff overlooking the Belize River, the Banana Bank Lodge features an equestrian center and several jungle riding trails.
Address: Box 48, Belize

Belmopan Surroundings

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